Remedies & Tips That Help To Reduce Gum And Tooth Pain In Winters


Remedies & Tips That Help To Reduce Gum And Tooth Pain

 In the winters seasons lots of peoples suffered from gum and tooth pain due to eating bad foods and care of your mouth also it’s is due to some mouth infection or in some rare cases it’s due to stomach issues. Do you know about that it’s is very common or normal for any peoples you no need to worry about this issues and this issues is also due to some common flu or cough so it’s goes in minimum 2-4 days or a week’s.

This causes at anytime because the our mouth is very sensitive area if you eat and drink to much cold and hot property foods and this causes tooth aches or a swelling in gum so you not need worry about that but in some cases gum swelling is not treated at home so you need to take some medicines and antibiotics on doctor prescription.

Some Causes Of Tooth Aches

  • Some study show that peoples or a child who follows bad oral causes the tooth pain.
  • Tooth aches causes due to eating to much hot and cold foods causes the tooth aches.
  • Tooth aches due to much cavity because cavity decay your tooth causes tooth aches.
  • Tooth aches causes due to mouth infection.
  • Gum disease also causes the tooth infection this both related each other.
  • When wisdom teeth is growing this is also much painful for you.

Some Home Remedies Of Tooth Aches That Relives For Tooth Aches

1. Clove Oil

Clove oil is the one of the best remedy and it’s contains the natural eugenol that uses for pain  of the toothaches this is the one of the best treatment that uses at the time of ancient period for treatment of tooth pain. But if you don’t have clove oil you have some other idea take a one or two cloves that is available in all the Indian houses you can put cloves in your pain tooth and press for few minutes you gets Instant relives in your tooth pain.

2. Increase Water Intake

Stay hydrated is important If you have tooth aches because hydrated help to producing the more bacteria fighting saliva and help to reduce the bacteria from the teeth and help to reducing the pain from the tooth because the dry mouth at the time of tooth aches causes the very seriously issues.

3. Garlic

Garlic is the best medicine from the ancient period of time from the thousands of the year it’s contains the various antibacterial properties that help to treated from the bacteria that causes the pain. Many of the medicines and toothpaste contains the garlics that help to relieves pain from the tooth because the harmful bacteria from the mouth that causes due to plaque.

Crush some garlic and create paste put pinch of salt and mix both properly apply in your pain area or chew for few minutes the taste of this remedy is bitter and not good but this is working remedies for thousands years.

4. Guava leaves

If you serves with the tooth pain this is also a working remedies the contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to treated from the tooth pain that gives problems for long periods of time. Take some guava leaves and make a smooth paste and put in your pain area or you can also chew guava leaves is the another best options this remedy gives relives from the pain.

5. Saltwater Mouthwash

Gargle or mouthwash help to reducing plaque or debris between the teeth and also relaxed your teeth pain and reducing your swelling from the face causing due to bacteria. Take a one spoon of salt and dissolve it in a warm water and do gargle or swish water all around your mouth for few seconds do this for 4-5 times help to give some relaxed. This remedy or treatment is also suggested by many of the doctors because this is a working treatment of the tooth aches or swelling.

6. Brushing Twice A Day

Many of doctors suggested that brushing twice a day help to improve your overall mouth and get away from the bacteria, germs and cavity that causes due to plaque for long periods of time in your teeth. Neglected brushing causing the formation of cavity in your mouth causes the damages your tooth or decay your overall tooth that is much serious so brushing twice a day.

7. Use Mint Mouthwash

Using mouthwash help to reducing the bacteria from the mouth that causes the cavity that decay your teeth also peppermint helping to reduce the bad smell from the mouth and gives much better smell also the peppermint called the antibacterial properties. Gargle with mouthwash twice a day helping clearing allover the mouth while in traveling you can also carry while travelling.

When To See A Dentist

This is a best remedy for tooth aches and the gum disease these all the issues cure this remedies within 2 days lasts if your pain and swell gum if you don’t get any improvement in this within two days just call your doctor and consulting your doctor for the best treatment.

If you neglected this issues for long this is not better option for you because this issues increasing and causes many of the serious issues in your mouth such as dental abscess and this is due this issues for long periods of time.

Some Tips That Also Helpful For Tooth pain

  • Brushing twice a day help to reducing germs and bacteria from the mouth.
  • Rinse your mouth with the hydrogen peroxide help to reduce pain and kills harmful bacteria.
  • Do this all the remedies if you have tooth pain or a gum disease.
  • Try some acupressure points that help to reduce some pain.
  • Apply cold press gives relaxed from the pain and swelling and reducing inflammation.
  • Don’t leave brushing if you have to tooth pain because leaving brushing causes the increasing bacteria and germs and this causes the tooth decay, so brushing gently for 2 minutes.
  • Don’t eat hard things that irritating your tooth.
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