Negative Effect Of Electronic Gadgets In Our Life

Advantages & Disadvantages of Electronic Gadgets


Negative Effect Of Electronic Gadgets In Our Life

Impact of Gadgets in our Life: Electronics gadget is helping to creating our life easy and helpful but there are many drawback or Negative Effect Of Electronic Gadgets that directly affect your allover life and increase the health condition. Electronics gadget increase such types of conditions like migraine, depression, stress, anxiety etc.

Small children started use that gadgets their parents allow to use electronic gadgets but it’s affect your child health because many of researches show that children who used electronic gadgets such as mobiles in their daily life causes many health condition in future due to Negative Effect Of Electronic Gadgets. So try to limit time of electronic gadgets of your child and take care.

Children uses this modern technology for playing games and watching videos do you know about that this decreases the drain development of your child. Peoples using the modern technology in wrong way and spending much time to playing games, watching videos, music and they spending their whole time and not giving time to their work or study.

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Some Negative Effect That Cause by Electronic Gadgets are:-

1. Obesity

Latest gadget and modern technology of electronic gadget caused by obesity and obesity increase many of diseases such as sugar, high blood pressure etc. and this happen due to peoples specially small kids playing games in many hours and sitting at same location and eat more and more and this is the main causes of obesity also not linked with fitness like playing.

Some disease caused by obesity & Negative Effect of Electronic gadgets:-

  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • High blood sugar level
  • Cholesterol

Even you can used your mobile during eating that is the other causes of obesity because you need to attention at the how much you eat you eat high amount at time of using mobile.

2. Eyesight Damaged

Modern electronics gadget deceased the eye sight due to harmful radiation rays ( blue light) that directly affect your eyes and lowering the vision also many of peoples lose their eyes. Blue light cause many of ú issues it is not good not only mobile but many of electronic gadgets have blue light that affect your eyes so limit your electronic gadgets.

Parents allow their child to use electronic products and the harmful rays reduces their eye sight and many eye problem and in small age kids got power specs (eye wear glasses). So don’t gives electronics gadgets to your child that reduce the risk of eye infected.

3. Change In Behaviors

Using electronic gadgets such as TV, games change in behaviors. Children using mobiles for long periods of time after some time you noticed that your child behaviors change. Modern gadgets I think not suitable for kids because children using gadget for long periods of time increase the aggression, depression, argument, bandy words.

Change in behaviors in children is too risky they started arguing you and don’t give your respect or behaviors causes depression that invites many of diseases that directly affect your child mind. Behaviors causes the change your child mind and started developing wrong things so limit your child time but at the time of study.

4. Obstruct Your Sleep

Many of peoples and children are addicted with the electronic gadgets such as games and this obstruct your child sleep and if your child not get proper sleep causes many of diseases that is harmful for you and your child. Child make mobiles to their sleeping medicine they started day with mobile or tablets or other electronics gadget and end with electronic gadgets that causes change in behaviors our your child.

Negative Effect of Electronic gadgets that Not get proper sleep at night causes:-

  • Depression
  • Stroke
  • Fatigue
  • Memory loss

5. Hearing Issue

Electronic gadgets made our life simple to do work in short period of time but it’s harmful for your life and hearing aid issue due use high volume of headphones, speakers etc. Many of small kids like to listen song in high volume but the high frequency of volume directly effect on your eardrum even causes low hearing and loses your hearing.

High volume of noise damages your ear nerves many of electronic gadgets that have high loud sound that damaged your child ear that causes the hearing issue. Also damaged the inner different parts of the ear try to save your child ear.

6. Reduce Brain Development In Kids

Small kids this time to develop the brain function of kids under 4-16 years kids but the parents of kids allow to use modern technology & gadgets that kids starting using gadgets in wrong way that the main causes of not developing brain. In the time of pandemic Covid-19 kids using modern technology more time that reducing the brain development of the kids and not developing brain than other kids.

Radiation of mobile is strong that not good for your brain healthy and increase the main of brain disease & reduce the brain developing function of the body also reduce the ability of catching memory and reduced the brain storing function.

7. Gadgets Effect Your Mental Reading Skill

Negative Effect Of Electronic Gadgets increase the mental brain damages, fatigue, anxiety issues if you sitting at the time study your brain didn’t respond properly and all your reading not fit in your mind. Many study show that the kids who using electronic gadgets for long periods of time reducing the mental skills of kids and not able to read & learn properly.

Using mobile phone reducing the sitting capacity while study many of students have this types of problems while study both adult and kids try to reduce the using modern technology & gadgets time I suggest you to stop using this at the time of exam. Because you didn’t archive your goals.

Some Tips That Help To Reduces The Negative Effect While Using Smart Electronic Gadgets

  • If you use electronic gadgets for work try to take rest for time to time don’t using for long periods of time.
  • Take a break for election gadget help to calm your mind and body.
  • Don’t give electronic gadgets to your kids decrease the brain developing function.
  • Try to add physical activities in your daily routine help to maintain your brain health & reduce the obesity.

Negative Effect Of Electronic Gadgets

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