How To Get Bigger And Stronger Legs Faster


How To Get Bigger And Stronger Legs Faster 


Stronger legs look good, bigger and stronger help you in like walking, cycling, running also help to balance your body. They also support your body in any activity. If you want to make bigger and stronger legs try these exercises and tips.


1. Lunges

Lunges Focus on your one limb, thighs, butts and abs. This exercise moves your both legs in the same time. Lunges is the best exercise that stronger your legs and increases lean muscle mass. You can do lunges with weights or body weight.

2. Squats

Squats Is the one of the best exercises four increase your leg’s strength and stronger your legs It focuses on your thighs, Butts, or abs. It improves your body posture, Balance and extra support for your body. Squats is the one of the best exercises That strengthens your lower body It improves your growth hormone and improved Also improves your flexibility And reduce the risk of injury.

 3. Leg Curl

The leg curl is one of the best exercises for your back legs. Its focuses on your hamstrings muscle that plays the main role to get stronger legs. It is one of the best exercises for runners. Many of people leave and avoid this exercise but this the one of the best exercises that focus on your hamstrings.

It balances your body and prevents the injury during running and cycling. Leg curl is the most effective exercise for a bodybuilder because it increases the muscle mass and got bigger legs. It tightens your legs and increases your flexibility.

4. Leg Press

Leg press is the type of resistant training It is the best way to strengthen your legs and increase the lean muscle mass. It reduces the risk of injury. It can be done by pressing wait they put in Leg machine.

Leg press focus on your upper or all leg like the hamstring and thighs by changing the foot position in the machine. It also can increase your heavy squats And improve to lift heavier loads in your legs. It develops your quadriceps. The benefit of leg press is you don’t need support from anyone this is the easy and the best workout.

5. Leg Extension

The leg extension is one of the best exercises they trained Or target your quadriceps muscles In the legs. This exercise is done by the machine known as leg extension. A leg extension machine increases your quadriceps muscle so that your legs look bigger and stronger.

6. Calves Raiser

Calves Raiser is the one of the best exercises for calves that help to grow your legs it is a part of your legs bigger calves look like good. It is a great exercise for athletes. It gives the ability and gives strength to your lower legs.

The calves muscles are the two muscles group are soleus and gastrocnemius. If you want it to get bigger calves muscles you need to focus on your legs and do it slowly.

7. Sumo Squats

Sumo Squats is the one of the best exercises that target your various muscles like quadriceps, gluteus, hamstrings, inner thighs and calves Muscles.

Advantages of sumo Squats are:-

  • You can perform sumo squats anything anywhere with weight or body weight.
  • It can target the inner thigh muscles.
  • It also supports & feels In your core area.
  • It can bigger your legs this is the best exercise for bodybuilders.


8. Bulgarian Split Squats

These squats trained your quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings. Bulgarian squats can be done with weight or Without depending on your goals.

Benefits of Bulgarian Split Squats:-

  • No equipment is needed for Bulgarian squats.
  • It trains your multiple muscles at the same time.
  • Maximize your leg muscles.
  • Improving the flexibility and balancing.
  • You can do it at any place.

Activities that build stronger legs fast

 1. Cycling

Cycling is the fastest way that builds your strong leg fast it focuses on your overall legs. It is high intensity workout for your legs and also improves the joint muscles. Adjusting the cycle by your need to reduce and prevention for serious injury.

2. Walking

Walking is an aerobic activity It is the one of the best exercises that stronger and builds your legs faster. Walking and running daily in sprinting help to focus on your overall legs and help to create lean muscle mass in your legs.

3. Hill trekking or sprint

It is the one of the best ways to build your legs you can Trek mountain peak while Sprint focuses on your overall legs and calves muscles. This is a powerful exercise that builds your Legs muscles and increase the strength also improve your running.

Foods And Nutrition for your legs

1. Enough Protein

Adding enough protein in your diet help to create lean muscle mass in your overall body. if you want to get stronger and bigger legs you need to eat 1 or 2 grams of protein per body weight. You need to add you’re half of the plate with the protein.

 2. Eat Enough Calories

Eating low calories in your diet It’s not good for your health because you didn’t  Eat enough carbohydrates. Eating enough calories like carbohydrates, proteins,  And nutritious things help to provide good energy during intense leg workout.

 3. Avoid To Much Sugar

Added to much sugar in your diet contribute to the unwanted fat in your legs and thigh. It is low in calories but it affects your body. Avoid the sugar added foods and use unsweetened foods and beverages.

These all the tips help you to build stronger and bigger legs if you follow this:-

  • Get Enough sleep Daily for your legs.
  • Do the proper stretching before and after your workout.
  • Get proper rest to your legs after your leg workout some people do legs daily but it is not good legs are big muscles that need proper rest for 1-2 days.
  • Proper rest during sets.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking.
  • Hold and pause during the sets.
  • Use a form Roller after your workout for stretching your legs and muscle
  • Doing 10 to 15 reps for 3-4 sets of every workout.
  • Progress overload day by day
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