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How Smoking Affects our Heart Health

Its smoking is affecting your life day by day Attach various coming up health issues And complications Including the effect on your heart directly. Smoking affects your Overall cardiovascular system And damages your organs Which is included blood vessels, the heart And blood. Smoking can be serious to your heart health it can be attached to several heart issues Like heart failure and stroke.

How does Smoking affect your heart health &  various issues?

High Blood Pressure

Smoking cigarettes causes high blood pressure. Cigarette contains nicotine Which is a harmful chemical that increases your high blood pressure. High blood pressure is when the blood flow in your arteries at a high speed called hypertension.


Smoking causes the blockage or clot, plaque which blockage your blood vessels in your whole body. it can cause a heart stroke. Stroking happens when the blood flow stops or is interrupted in your brain and the blood flow is blocked or burst. Your brain is unable to get enough oxygen your brain cells die.

Heart failure

Heart failure is the most dangerous it occurs when the heart is unable to pump enough blood in the body this condition causes heart failure. Smoking increases the risk of diseases of the failure of heart.

Heart Attack    

 Smoking Blocks blood flow to the heart it is the cause of a heart attack called a myocardial infarction If not oxygen reaches in our body into the blood flow over the heart muscle it’s starting to die.


According to the study, smoking reduced bone density making your bone brittle and weaker.

Also, the weight lowers your body weight due to high smoking. Smoking also reduces bone healing after a fractured or bone damage.

Immune Function

Smoking reduces the immune system which protects against infection and many diseases. Many studies showed that that is smoking reduced immune function and causes inflammation in the body. Smoking also Increases the risk of ulcers and is linked with type 2 diabetes.


Smoking can affect your oral health like bad breath, stained teeth, dry mouth and reduced taste.  Smoking can weaken your teeth’ life and irritate the gum tissue also increases the risk of gum disease. Smoking increases the risk of mouth cancer.


Smoking reduces the oxygen that reaches the skin this is the increase in the process that makes skin Dull or Gray.


  • Wrinkle in face
  • Uneven skin colors
  • Dry skin
  • Baggy eyelids

Smoking reduces the skin’s healing wounds and increases the risk of skin infection.

Digestive System

Smoking increases the risk of throat, larynx and mouth disease and also causes pancreatic cancer, increasing the risk and increasing the risk of mouth cancer. Smoking also increases the insulin level which increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. Smoking reduces the digestive system.

Breathing Issue

Too much smoking causes lung disease or damages your Airways causes serious breathing issues smoking causes shortness of breath. Smoking causes asthma which is a chronic lung disease it harder to move in the air and out of your lungs.

What are the benefits of quitting smoking on your body and heart?

Quitting smoking is one of the best options for your life because quitting smoking savings your life from cancer and helps to not damage the body parts. The Many effects after you quit smoking:-

Improving blood flow to your heart

Smoking many cigarettes make it difficult to reach oxygen in your heart because cigarettes contain carbon monoxide. If you stop or quit smoking for 12-14 hours carbon monoxide that is stored in your blood gets normal. This will reach oxygen to your heart.

Lowering the risk of heart Diseases

Long-time smoking affects your heart and growth in several heart issues. Stop smoking lowers the risk of heart disease and Decreases the risk of a heart attack. Quitting smoking helps to reduce the craving for smoking. Quitting smoking helps to protect your heart.

Reduce Heart Rate

Smoking increases the heart rate and blood quitting smoking help maintain the heart rate and blood sugar level. Stop smoking can your heart rate can drop normal level.

How to quit smoking

Quitting smoking is too much difficult. People who smoke daily do not stop craving but you promise to stand against the craving of smoking. Smoking cigarettes causes many serious health issues but if you leave cigarettes you may be free with many several health issues. Promise your family to quit smoking they will help you and support you to leave cigarettes. These are the best solutions for leaving cigarettes:-

1. Try Nicotine Replacements Therapy

NRTs Nicotine Replacements Therapy this therapy delivers the nicotine in your body in safer ways than cigarettes and by the time it decreases the level of nicotine in your body.

These are the best nicotine replacements:-

  • Nicotine Gums
  • Inhalers
  • Patches
  • Lozenges

2. E- Cigarettes

It is electronic device that help to allow you to inhale nicotine in vapor  form without Harmful other than that products like tar, tobacco, and carbon monoxide. Many research shows that the e- Cigarettes help to quit smoking because it contains nicotine and gradually reduce the nicotine content also it is a similar way of NRTs. There are many other risks of e- Cigarettes other than doctors recommending the NRTs.

3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It is the best therapy for people who don’t quit smoking in any way. (CBT) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy it is a counseling therapy or a talking therapy that may help you to change your habits.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is only affected on people who are over 18 years in this therapy the counselor who taught you daily which thing is correct or what is not for you and told you the best things about your life and encourage you to quit smoking.

4. Physical Activity

Physical activities may help and force you to quit smoking it distracted you from the tobacco craving. Such as running, jogging, up and down by the stairs home workout like pushups, squats,s and running these all are things that help you to stop the craving for smoking cigarettes.

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