Fungal Infections: Symptoms, Causes, Types And Treatments


Fungal Infections: Symptoms, Causes, Types And Treatments

 Fungal infections is the one of the worst skin diseases that damaged your skin. Fungal infection is a disease that causes by the fungus. It’s is also called a mycosis that is a skin disease. There are billions and millions of the spices of fungus in our nature that especially found in too much old water surfaces, dirt, bathrooms and households, also in your skin this can be causes the skin infection and itching. Fungus are mainly found in old and spoil foods that is not good for your healthy and causes many several issues in your body. Try to eat fresh food. Most of the fungi are not harmless to your body but it’s gives your body some problems and gives you many of the disease and infection that is not good for your health.

Some Symptoms Of Fungal Infection

If you have these types of symptoms in your body you need to consult your doctor immediately because the fungal infection increase day by day so try to reduce it in small parts.

Fungal infection causes:

  • Itchiness
  • Redness in your skin
  • Irritating
  • Dry and scaly skin
  • Swelling
  • Patches in your skin

Some Common Types Of Fungal Infection

Small amount of fungal is much for giving your body to diseases, so try to Save and escape your body to fungus. There are some rare cases in that your skin has a fungal infection it goes but it’s come repeat. Mostly the fungal Infection affects your skin, nails and feet. But it’s also affects your lungs because the some species of fungi that found in your body.

There are common types of fungal Infection such as:

  • Ring worm
  • Jock itching
  • Onychomycosis
  • Yeast infection

1. Ring Worm

The other name of ring worm is tinea corporis it’s a type of fungal infection. The name of ringworm ring means a circle of patches create in your skin and worm like border edges. It’s spread from the infected animals and people from the direct contact. Also, it’s comes from the clothes so heat your clothes in sun rays and away germs and bacteria from the clothes.

Symptoms of Ringworm

Its started from the small circle patches if you ignore its increase. Also, it’s happening along with scaly skin. The ringworm patches the outer border raising the white skin and it’s increases day by day. If you are served with these symptoms so direct contact with doctor is suggested.

Treatment Of Ringworm

There are many medications that is suggested by the doctor. Some fungus cream ointments that really help in ringworm.

  • Terbinafine
  • Clotrimazole
  • Miconazole

Use this contains cream as doctor prescription and doses. Some doctors give your medicine also for ringworm.

2. Jock Itching

Tinea is a type of fungus that causes jock itching the full name of this fungus Is tinea cruris. It happens during the climate change summer, warm climates. This fungus mostly affects your wet and warm areas. Jock itching spread through the directly contact with the person and also with the fungus. It’s in round shaped red rashes.

Symptoms Of Jock Itching

  • Redness of your thigh and upper areas.
  • Peeling skin
  • Irritation
  • Itching, rashes and red patches
  • Burning in areas
  • Changes in the skin colors
  • It gives you irritation when you waking and exercise.

If you see these symptoms so go for the doctor and consult about this infection the doctor will help you and gives you medication and some ointment cream.

Treatment Of Jock Itching

The doctor gives you the advice to keep clean the area although you also treated yourself at home it’s not a big task to try some antifungal cream and powder in the area.

3. Onychomycosis

It is a fungal infection that affects your nails and toenail. The other name of this is tinea unguium. This fungus started with a small spot and gets bigger and changes the nail color and get brittle and thicker and deteriorates your nails.

Symptoms Of Onychomycosis

  • Brittle and thick nails
  • Change in color(white& yellow)
  • Separate nails from the bed
  • Thickened and pain around the nail.
  • Smelly and flakiness.

Treatment Of Onychomycosis

Go and take advice to your doctor suggesting some medicines and creams that use the affected area. It takes some time to cure. Doctors give you antibiotics tablets to avoid spreading.

4. Yeast Infection

Cutaneous candidiasis it is a species & type of fungus that only infect your skin, mouth and urinary tract, etc. It has commonly grown in a warm and moist areas of your body parts like arms and mouth. Some amount of this have in our skin but this will increase to many causes the infection in our body.

Symptoms Of Yeast Infection

If oral patches are created in your mouth it’s a yeast infection caused by many fungi multiplying each other this increases infection.

Some other symptoms are:-

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Irritating
  • Burning
  • Pus
  • Itchiness
  • Nail separation

Treatment Of Yeast Infection

Many of doctors suggest you to cream and medicine it depends on your condition On the infection is normal or increased. Or yeast infection in your oral doctor gives you mouthwash. The doctor gives you antibiotics to stop spreading the infection and start healing.

How To Prevent From The Fungal Infection?

Proper hygiene is much important for avoiding the fungal infection.

  • Wash your playing & gym equipment after every use & keep it in direct sun rays for removal of germs and bacteria with the help of heat.
  • Washing your clothes for every time after use. Don’t use the same clothes repeat.
  • Don’t wear other people’s cloth or avoid using towels.
  • Bathing regularly removes the bacteria from the body and keeps you clean.
  • Wipe your body properly after bathing and swimming because it causes the fungal infection in your body.
  • Wear breathable shoes don’t wear packed shoes and change or wash your socks regularly basis.
  • Don’t wear wet clothes it’s the main cause of fungal infection. Always wear dry clothes.
  • Always take care of your hygiene cut your nails properly and bathe once a day.
  • Always clean gym machine before and after use this is very important.
  • Wear breathable undergarments and clothes don’t wear tight clothes. It’s too much irritating and main cause of fungal infection.
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