Full Body Workout At Home – No Equipment Needed, Benefits


Full Body Workout At Home 

Many of people are busy in work so that they don’t go to the gym because of time shortages don’t worry we have an idea. You can do this type of workout in a minute if you have no time but you need to be a healthy and fit body. Try these exercises for beginners to advanced levels of work that heat your body and sweat your body.

You can perform this exercise anytime at any place because is no equipment needed. Warm Your Body Before starting the workout help to stretch your body and open joints this Reduces the risk of Injury.

1. Plank

Plank is the best exercise that trains your overall core and help in strengthening your core area. It helps to build your core strength land improve flexibility.


1. Start and your face down on the floor positioning on your forearms to form a straight line from the head to the feet.

2. Don’t Sag your lower back and hips. Hold on to this position for 1 minute.


  • Improve your body posture.
  • Strength your abs muscles and focus on your core.
  • Balance and coordination.
  • Improving Metabolism.
  • Reduced belly fat.
  • Improving flexibility.

2. Body Weight Squats

Body weight squats strengthen your lower body parts. You can do this exercise with virtually no equipment needed.


1. Stand with your feet and widen your feet wider than hips width and slightly bend your knees Turn out and slightly open your hips joints.

2. Lower your body until your thighs are not parallel to the ground.

3. Hold and pause then return to the starting position, Then Repeat.


  • Help in burning fat and promoting in weight loss.
  • Improving the flexibility in the your lower body.
  • Help in strengthening the core.
  • Improving mobility.
  • This is effective in butts, thighs, calves, and hamstrings.
  • Increasing the strength and stronger your legs.

3. Knee Pushups

Knee pushups are the one of the best workouts for beginners who didn’t do pushups. It also helps in building your strength.


1. Knee Down on the floor into a plant position from your knees.

2. Maintaining a straight and head to your knees and bending your elbows slowly lowering down your body to the ground.

3. Push Up back in starting position and Repeat.


  • Strengthen your upper body.
  • Focus on your muscles like chest, shoulder, abs and arms.
  • Increasing your core strength.
  • Best workout for beginners.

4. Bicycle Crunch

It Is The Best exercise for your core if you was a beginner try this exercise. It strengthens your body.


1. Lie down on your back bring your legs at right angles and bend your elbows to put your hands behind the neck.

2. Crunching up and bring your right elbow to the your left knee straight to your right leg.

3. Release your crunch right leg slowly and bend your right leg and straighten your left leg and the bring your left elbow to the right knee.

4. Repeat Do 15-20 reps for 3-4 Sets.

5. For Beginners Do 10-12 reps for 2-3 Sets.


  • It tones your midsection of abs and Slim your waist.
  • Improving flexibility, stability and coordination of the body.
  • Effective in weight loss.
  • Increasing the core strength and getting bigger abs muscle.
  • Focus on your deep abs muscles.
  • Strong immune function.

5. Step-Up (Stepper)

Step up balancing your stability and mobility of the body and help it burn more fat.


1. Put the stepper and place it in any place bend your knees to a 90° angle.

2. Step with your feet together and push through the left knees and up.

3. Lowering the leg down and stepping the backward off.

 4. Repeat 10-20 reps with your right leg then switch your left leg and do the same 10-20 reps with your left leg. Complete the 4 sets.


  • Improving your balance.
  • Help in the burn more calories and fat.
  • Increase your leg and lower body strength.
  • Enhanced your stabilization.
  • Improving in body imbalance muscles.

6. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks is an effective total body workout that trains your whole body. It is the best cardio that increases your heart rate.


1. Stand straight and hold your arms at the side and stand with your feet and relax your shoulder.

2. Jump and extended your arms overhead.

3. Also Extend Your Legs and Land on to the starting position and Repeat.

4. Repeat this exercise and do continue for 1-2 minutes for the best results.


  • Best and effective Exercise in your weight loss process.
  • Best exercises for full body warm up.
  • Increasing your body flexibility and posture.
  • Reduced the stress of your body and is good for heart health.
  • Many Cardiovascular Benefits of this exercise.
  • Good for your bone health.
  • It is the best combination of acrobatics exercises that train your legs, glutes, hamstrings, arms, quads, and calves.

7. Stationary Lunges

Stationary Lunges train your lower body. You can do this at any time and any place. It also improves your balance of the body.


1. Stand with your feet split stance with the right foot 2-3 feet and take the distance forward.

2. Lower Your back knees with the 90° angle and bend your both knees and then the press up and get to the starting position.

3. Aim to do 2-3 sets of 15-20 reps for beginners and 3-4 sets of 20-25 reps for intermediate.

4. Advanced level you just add and hold weight in your both hand and perform this exercise.


  • Lunges help you in burn more calories than others because you’re all over the body is pumped during lung exercise.
  • It targeted your legs muscles like hips and butts along with the hamstrings and also the quadriceps.
  • It focuses on your abdominal muscles and back muscles.
  • Help you to build more strength in your leg muscles so that you have to perform the daily tasks easily with your strong legs.
  • It is a great workout for your home and you can do it with weights and without weights
  • This exercise improves your stability, flexibility, and strength so that the reduced the risk of the injury during your workout.
  • It improves balance and posture of the body so that we perform exercises better.
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