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Dragon Fruit Test, Nutrition Facts, Price, Side Effects


Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit: All of you must have heard the name of dragon fruit, this fruit has become very famous among people in a very short time. The name dragon fruit comes from its structure, not its taste. It looks just like a dragon. People are impressed not only by eating it but also by its unique look. Today, in this article, we will give you all the information about dragon fruit, which you may not have heard about dragon fruit, along with this, we will tell you the way to eat dragon fruit, its nutritional benefits, how to cut it.

What Is Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit grows on a cactus called Hylocereus. This Hylocereus cactus is a little prickly like pearl and has a long vine which grows towards the height. Its name comes from the Greek word hyle, meaning woody, and the Latin word ceres, meaning waxen. This fruit is originally considered to be from countries like southern Mexico and South and Central America but it can be grown in all those places where the climate is tropical. That’s why their cultivation is being done in most of the places today.

Talking about its structure, it appears pinkish-yellow in color from outside, with some green colored small leaf-like structure on its outer cover, which looks like a burning flame of dragon fruit. If it is cut, we see that it contains small black colored seeds.

What Is Dragon Fruit

Talking about the nomenclature of dragon fruit, it is known as pitaya in Central America, while the French brought it to Asia in the 19th century, where it was named strawberry pear. Today you can buy this fruit all over America and also in Asia.

How is the Test of Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit has a juicy taste with a slightly sweet taste, which is very enjoyable to eat. People consider it to be a mixture of kiwi, pear and watermelon. The black colored seeds that come out when the dragon fruit is cut have a nutty flavor. Apart from the attractiveness of its appearance, it looks very wonderful because it is full of so many flavors.

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Dragon Fruit Nutrition

Dragon fruit is full of small nutrients. In which there is also a good source of fiber along with iron, magnesium. Information about some important nutrients that dragon fruit contains:

1.Calories: 50 to 80
2.Protein: 1.2 grams
3.Fat: 0 grams
4.Carbs: 13 grams
5.Fiber: 3 grams
6.Vitamin C: 3% of the RDI
7.Iron: 4% of the RDI
8.Magnesium: 10% of the RDI

Some vitamins and minerals are also found in dragon fruit:

1.Vitamin A: 100 international units (IU)
2.Vitamin C: 4 milligrams
3.Calcium: 31 milligrams
4.Iron: 0.1 milligram
5.Magnesium: 68 milligrams 



Dragon fruit is a low-calorie fruit, but dragon fruit being a high-fiber fruit also provides amazing minerals and vitamins.

Dragon Fruit has Antioxidants

Some types of antioxidants are also found in dragon fruit, in which it helps cells from the factors that damage human cells, these cells do not allow the problems of early aging in humans, for this reason, dragon fruit is also known for its benefits. It is full of antiaging properties due to which people like it more.

Dragon fruit has these antioxidant properties:

Betel nut: The deep red pigment found in the deep red colored dragon fruit helps in correcting the bad LDL cholesterol level in the body.

Hydroxycinnamates: This group of antioxidants has demonstrated anticancer activity in test-tube and animal studies.

Flavonoids: This group of antioxidants has been linked to better brain health in humans and reduced risk of heart disease.

The property of all these antioxidants is not very much in it, but it protects the body from radical damages.


Due to the antioxidant property of dragon fruit, it protects the body from excessive damages and also helps us to look younger for a long time due to the antiaging properties found in it.

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

There are some health benefits of dragon fruit such as:

  • It is rich in antioxidants like phenolic acid, flavonoids and betacyanin. These antioxidants protect the cells of our body. These antioxidants also protect against fatal diseases like cancer and also help in keeping us young with antiaging properties.
  • It is very good for the body as it is fat free, it contains a lot of fiber which makes the body strong.
  • It lowers the sugar level present in your blood. A study has shown that it replaces the damaged cells present in the pancreas which produce insulin in the body. But it is not clear that how much dragon fruit you will have to take for this and for how long you will have to take it.
  • Dragon fruit contains prebiotics, which are food substances that feed the good bacteria in the intestines of humans. Due to which the balance of good and bad bacteria is maintained in the intestines. Dragon fruit promotes the growth of probiotics Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria in the human intestine. In your gut, these and other helpful bacteria can kill disease-causing viruses and bacteria. All these bacteria also help in digesting food.
  • Vitamin C is also found in plenty in dragon fruit, which makes its immune system strong and has the ability to fight diseases.
  • Due to the presence of iron in dragon fruit, it will provide you with iron, which makes the body energetic by transferring oxygen in the blood.


Overall, eating dragon fruit is very beneficial for the body, it helps in fighting heart diseases, diseases like cancer, keeping the liver healthy as well as energizing the body.

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit Health Risks

Although dragon fruit is safe to eat, some studies have shown that some common allergic reactions include swelling of the tongue and vomiting. But it is not seen in all people, but its side effects can be seen in some people. With this, if you say regular dragon fruit, then it can make your urine light red, but it is not a matter of concern. As soon as you stop consuming dragon fruit regularly, your urine comes back to normal color, it is similar to regular consumption of beetroot or its juice.

How to Eat Dragon Fruit

There are many ways to eat dragon fruit, like fruits found in tropical areas, you can eat it directly or you can use it in any salad. Before eating dragon fruit, peel its outer cover and remove its outer leaves, then wash it thoroughly, cut it and eat it. You can also use it by making juice mixed in ice cream. Before eating, keep one more thing in mind that it should be fresh and not flabby.

What to keep in mind while taking dragon fruit and how to store it

While taking dragon fruit, see that it is not overripe and also see that there are no scratches of nails on it. Check on it that there are no more stains of any kind on it. To store it, you can keep it in polythene and keep it in the fridge for 5-7 days. By the way, keep in mind whether you are dragon fruit or any fruit, eating it fresh should be more healthy.

How to Cut Dragon Fruit?

  • Use a knife to cut the dragon fruit
  • Keep in mind that you use it only after cutting its leaves.
  • Now you can remove its outer skin little by little, then slice it with a knife and eat it.

How to Cut Dragon Fruit

6 Important Reasons You Should Be Eating Dragon Fruit

Reason-1: It contains nutrients like proteins, fibers, carbohydrates, irons and vitamins which are very essential for our body.

Reason-2: The amount of fat in it is very minimal, so that you will not have any problem related to fat even after consuming it excessively.

Reason-3: It has the property of antioxidants which help us to look young for a long time.

Reason-4: It has the ability to fight against diseases like cancer to some extent and also helps in fighting heart diseases.

Reason-5: It also helps in fighting harmful bacteria because we know that bacteria can cause many types of diseases, it also proves beneficial in fighting these diseases.

Reason-6: It also strengthens your immune system, so that you fall less sick or have the ability to fight disease.


Q: What is dragon fruit good for?

Ans: Dragon fruit contains high Vitamins C, antioxidants which give the body the ability to fight against diseases, as well as antiaging properties keep you looking young and beautiful.

Q: Can dragon fruit be eaten daily?

Ans: Yes, dragon fruit can be eaten daily because it is fat free and contains high amounts of fiber and vitamins, which gives energy to the body and keeps the body healthy.

Q: What is dragon fruit supposed to taste like?

Ans: Dragon fruit looks mildly sweet and juicy when cooked. If you look at its taste, it looks like a mixture between pear, kiwi and watermelon. If it is called less ripe or raw dragon fruit, then it looks tasteless.

Q: What is the real name of dragon fruit?

Ans: Dragon fruit originated in Mexico, Central and South America. But it eats pitaya, which is usually a species of cactus fruit.

Q: Is dragon fruit beneficial for hair?

Ans: Dragon fruit has high vitamin C along with iron quality so that you can prevent your hair fall. With the presence of these nutrients, you can give more benefits to your hair which can improve their quality.

Q: Can dragon fruit help in weight loss?

Ans: Dragon fruit contains very minimal amount ie 0% fat and fiber content is high so regular consumption of it can reduce your appetite which can help in weight loss.

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