7 Dengue Prevention Tips and Preventing Mosquito Bites


Best Dengue Prevention Tips

Avoid Dengue by Preventing Mosquito Bites & Dengue Prevention Tips: Dengue fever causes due to biting of dengue mosquito (Aedesaegypti) this transmitted from this species mosquito. These mosquito found in dirty water that put in one place long periods of time. Best dengue prevention tips in short that always take care after summer season goes try to remove water from your coolers because the dengue mosquito take birth in dirty water. This disease infected many of peoples in ever year on subtropical and tropical area.

Dengue mosquito always bites in day time, so try to take care yourself. Dengue biting cause high fever even death. This symptoms started with increasing the temperature of the body and started pain your body, red eyes, headache, vomiting etc. If any of two symptoms found in your body this season so directly consult your doctor for best treatment.

Many of research run and some pending for vaccination and some done for dengue for easy treatments of the dengue. Be in your mind don’t go place that have mosquito if go take care of your body.

Dengue Prevention Tips and Preventing Mosquito Bites
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Dengue Prevention Tips are:-

1. Wear Full Sleeves Clothes

Dengue always bite in day time but in winter season peoples not wear full sleeves clothes due to normal temperature but dengue mosquito got best time to bite and you got sick. So try to always wear proper full sleeves wear that help you to protect from the dengue mosquito wear long sleeve pants and trouser that cover your overall body. Also many of research show that wearing full sleeves clothes and wear light colored  repellent the mosquito, so wear light and comfortable clothes.

2. Using Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito repellent is the one of the best option to drop down the mosquito because mosquito have in all the corner and they hide at any place and this is to much difficult to drop down the mosquito also mosquito goes out from the your room.

Many of the products that repellent mosquito such as repellent cream and patches apply cream and patches in your clothes you wear if you go outside from the home that help to repel mosquito. You can also apply for your home apply 3-4 times because there is some duration but check before use because it’s contains some chemical that react your skin and causes Infection.

3. Clean Your Overall House

Mosquitoes always flourish in dirty water like dengue and malaria that birth in much quantity and directly enter in your rooms and bite you and your families that caused by dengue and malaria and this disease gives much problem even death.

Lakh of peoples survive with the dengue and this causes only for dirty water and unclean places. Clean your overall house check all the plants pots and check places why rain water is filled any place if yes clean always clean your water tanks etc.

4. Avoid Jungle Trekking and Outside Travel

If you want to protect you and your family with the dengue follow thiis dengue prevention tips to don’t travel at this time mainly do not track in jungle because many of the dengue mosquito are around you and they bite and you got sick with the dengue disease.

Try to avoid outside travel if you have small kids because the dengue mosquito bite they didn’t have much immunity to fight with the disease and got sick. But don’t do trekking of stay at night or camping because this is much risky or cause the dengue disease.

If you go for important work so try to wear full sleeves clothes and apply mosquito repellent patches, cream etc. for your safety they didn’t bites you and give you properly protection from dengue mosquito.

5. Fogging Your House

If dengue causes reporting in your area take a action and contact contractors or government facility that they help you to fogging your allover house. Fogging help to always all of the mosquitos such as dengue and malaria also but not only mosquito fogging away all of the insect and bacteria for some period of time.

6. Try Some Natural Tips

There are many Dengue Prevention tips that old peoples uses tips of away mosquito from the home try this tips that help a lot.

  • Try neem and burn neem leaves from allover the house mosquito doesn’t like neem smell so they run away.
  • Camphor and mustard oil mix both and burn the smell keep away mosquito because the smell is too strong.
  • Lemon and cloves is the best and domestic formula that help to get away all the mosquito in your room.
  • Neem oil and camphor is the best remedy for keep away insect and mosquito this is the strong smell mixture that work well.

Try these all of these remedy at own risk due to many of people have some issues to this remedies first use in less amount.

7. Always Close Door And Windows

Not only dengue mosquito bites you malaria and Zika also worst disease that spread by biting of mosquito so try to always close your windows and door at night. If you open window for some time  many of mosquito comes and bites that causes the disease so try to apply.

Best Dengue Prevention Tips

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Q: How To Treat Dengue Fever ?

Ans: There is no treatment available for dengue but doctor try to heal this disease with the help of antibiotics and some medicine that increase your immunity system and platelets increasing things and suggest you to drinks lots of water thing.

Q: How to Diagnosed Dengue Fever?

Ans: You can check your dengue fever by dengue rapid test kit and diagnosed in labs if reports found dengue in your body go instantly and consulting your doctor for best treatment don’t be late because dengue decreased your platelets that causes death. Many of peoples died every year due to they think it’s a normal weather change fever


Dengue Prevention Tips Note: Keep in your mind take care of your child because dengue mostly affect and bite small child 8-16 years old always wear long sleeves clothes to your child and apply some repellent or patches to your children before they going outside. So take care and stay healthy.

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