Cold And Cough Home Remedies And Tips


Cold And Cough Home Remedies And Tips

Cold and cough are a most common if you contact with viruses and bacteria. The most common symptoms of cough, cold and fever, body aches, body chills and nose flow it treated easily with home remedies and medicine. Many of people neglect coughs and colds but it caused the serious health issue in the future like asthma, COPD, short breath and many health issues created in your body. So the best way to treat a cold and cough is within 2 weeks. If you feel sick these all are remedies and tips that help you to treat cold and cough easily.

1. Ginger

Ginger juice contains an anti inflammatory effect that directly heals your issues in the body. A slice of ginger put into water it is enough for your cough it soothes your sore throat a gives you relief in both cold and cough. It has many properties that reduce the inflammation and gives you Instant relief from cold and cough.

It is antibacterial properties that boost your immunity and may help against the future cold viruses and infections. There is the best tip to drink ginger tea and lemon tea It is the best and traditional way to help and instant relief from cold and cough.

2. Honey

Its extracts from the bee have many antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Drinking the ginger, lemon and honey this three mixture help to reduce the sore throat pain. Researchers show that honey is effective and helps in cough. Many pharmaceuticals use honey in their cough relief tablets and syrups.

It is not good for small baby 1 year child became it contains the botulinum spores that it not good for your child because of a low immune system. It reduces the infection in your upper respiratory trait. Also, its fights against the cold & cough. it’s a traditional remedy made by old.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamins C has many health benefits it play important role in your body. Also the vitamin c help to increase the immunity in your body. It relieves the upper respiratory tract infection. Also, it reduces the phlegm if you take tea with lemons are a good source of vitamin c. It reduces the very long cough in your body and also fights with infection and bacteria in your body.

The deficiency of Vitamin C in your body causes the infection in your body and weaker the immune system of your body. It is not proven the consumption of large doses not treated the cold.

4. Probiotics

Probiotics are the bacteria and the Yeast that are found in our body also the food and supplements. They help in keep your immune system healthy also it reduces the getting sick in the upper respiratory tract and reduces infection and bacteria in the upper respiratory trait.

It contains many nutrients and it is many helpful bacteria that are beneficial for your immune system. It is effective in fighting the common cold and respiratory infection and also boosts your Immunity system. It contains lactobacillus and para case that is two strains.

5. Ginger

Ginger is best for colds and coughs it is a traditional remedy that gives to old people and their children to cure the colds and coughs. It contains the allicin that contains the antimicrobial properties many of pharmaceuticals use ginger in their product that fights with cold and coughs.

Indians use ginger and garlic in the foods that they eat daily because it is beneficial for health and also it improves your immune system. It reduces the many cold symptoms according to many studies ginger is helpful in not getting sick with a cold and cough. It won’t hurt your health its the potential to fight with cold.

6. Gargle

Gargle suggested doctor to peoples who have a cold and cough because gargling with hot water help to remove germs and bacteria in your mouth and moisture your sore throat. Gargle with a scoop of salt water in warm water help to it reduce the tickled in your sore throat. It can give you temporary relief in your sore and scratched throat.

It reduces the infection like sinus, flues and cold and the salt water removes bacteria and germs from your mouth and protects your gums. Gargle improves your dental health. Gargle 3-6 times for preventing cold and cough. It reduces the cough in your body.

8. Echinacea

Echinacea is the herbs and roots that treated the infection for more than the 400 years. It is too many old and traditional herbs that treated the cold and flu. It contains flavonoids that heal many of diseases in our bodies. Also, the flavonoids help to boost immune systems and reduce the inflammation in your body.

Many of researches show that the Echinacea help in reducing the cold and cough in your body. It is helpful for children that who have had colds for a long time. It reduces the symptoms such as sore throat and cough and also fever.

9. Mulethi

Mulethi is an ayurvedic medicine that helps to treat the cough and sore throat. The second name of Mulethi is licorice it is also known as the sweet wood. It reduces the mucus that excessively produces in your mouth during a cold.

It also boosts the immunity and fights against the upper respiratory system. It contains the antioxidants and antidiabetic properties that help to treat cold and coughs. It contains the antiseptic agents that treated the stomach issue. Take a scoop of mulethi and a scoop of honey mix and eat this best remedy to treat cough easily.

10. Cinnamon

Cinnamon also known as the dalchini it helps to treat the cold and coughs and flu and sore throat. Cinnamon filler with antigens, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects that heal against the cold and cough. It is an aromatic spice that uses in vegetable foods that made by Indians.

It is packed with the anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that give you Instant relief in cough and cold. Take a scoop of cinnamon with honey and eat it gives instant relief in the cold for long periods of time.

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