Are you Pregnant? Health Issues During Pregnancy


Health Issues During Pregnancy

This article is dedicated to all those women who are pregnant or women who are planning pregnancy. As we all know, women need to be very careful during pregnancy so that she can give birth to a healthy baby and keep herself healthy. In today’s run-of-the-mill life, it becomes a little difficult to keep this in mind because we have started giving more importance to work and forgetting about our happiness. When a woman is pregnant, not only that woman but her entire family starts worrying about her health. This means that it is necessary for women to pay attention to their health when a small guest is about to arrive.

You will be surprised to know that at the time of pregnancy, women start having a desire to eat different types of things, so do we tell all those things during pregnancy or not. By the way, all women should eat whatever they want to eat during pregnancy, but do consult your doctor whether eating it will not cause any problems to her and her baby. If your doctor or health advisor tells you that there is no problem in eating, then you should eat it, if not, then do not eat it. Still, if you say something, then you should not have a habit of eating this thing daily, eat only a little for the taste. By taking care of all these small things, you can also pay attention to your health and keep yourself and your baby healthy.

Common Problems During Pregnancy

There are some problems during pregnancy which are common and can be seen in all pregnant women. It has also been seen to be more of these problems in some women, women who have more of this problem should consult their doctor from time to time and follow the instructions given by them.

Some Common Problems

  • Constipation
  • vomit
  • Itching
  • loss of taste or bitterness
  • dark circles
  • pain or tingling in the breasts

1. Constipation

Constipation is common in all pregnant women. If this problem is more, then there is a problem like loss of appetite, lack of nutrients and sometimes, if there is a problem of excessive constipation, problems like piles also arise. If you have been troubled by the problem of constipation for a long time, then you should start treatment soon after consulting your doctor. To avoid the problem of constipation, you should consume more and more water and at the same time eat food rich in nutrients and consume healthy drinks.

2. Vomit

The problem of vomiting starts in pregnant women from the very first day itself and we all know that daily problems like sudden vomiting in women also indicate pregnancy. By the way, this problem occurs in all pregnant women in the morning, which lasts from the beginning to 4-5 months, but if this problem starts increasing, then do not forget to consult your doctor.

3. Itching Problem

In women, this problem persists after pregnancy and till the end. During pregnancy, this problem is more on the genitals and abdomen of women. If you are troubled by excessive itching, then you should consult a doctor and also use moisturizer. The problem of itching starts on the stomach, it also means that the skin there starts stretching, due to which stretch marks start to appear there and some light red streaks start emerging, all this happens due to the stretching of the skin of the stomach.

4. Loss of Taste or Bitterness

Yes, it is true that during pregnancy, there is a problem related to test in women, that is, sometimes it happens that the woman does not understand the test itself, what they are eating and sometimes it happens that they find the taste of everything bitter. Is. At this time, women feel more inclined to eat sour and at the same time feel inclined to eat spicy and spicy food.

5. Dark Circles

It is common for pregnant women to have dark circles. In women, this dark circle starts due to weakness and lack of nutrients. To avoid the problem of dark circles, you should start drinking more and more water and also avoid worrying about any kind. Pregnant women should not take any kind of worry anyway, the more you live happily, the more you will be able to keep yourself and the child healthy. Getting a good and complete sleep for pregnant women can also prevent dark circles.

6. Pain or Tingling in the Breasts

When you are pregnant, many types of hormonal changes start happening in your body, these hormonal changes help in providing high nutrition to your baby and also make changes in your body, that is, it means that your body will be ready for the birth of a child. We try to mold it according to what we can give and nurture it. All these changes do not happen at once, these changes happen with time, as the time for the birth of the child approaches, these changes become more visible and the size of your breasts also starts increasing. When the time comes closer, there is more stretch in the breasts and sticky material starts coming out.

Things to note for pregnant women

  • All pregnant women need to take special care of themselves during pregnancy.
  • All pregnant women should pay utmost attention to their khan paan.
  • It is necessary to take food rich in nutrients so that you can make yourself and your child healthy by providing high nutrition.
  • Women should consume more and more beverages which are nutritious.
  • Pregnant women should be more happy so that they remain active.
  • Women should do high exercise according to the doctor’s advice. To stay active daily, take a good sleep and take a morning walk, the fresh air in the morning will help you stay more active and stay healthy.


Q: Is there any change in the behavior of women during pregnancy?

Ans: By the way, the behavior of pregnant women keeps changing with time, more changes in their behavior are seen at the end of pregnancy. Sometimes women become more emotional and women start giving more importance to the health and safety of their child. It is common for pregnant women to cry without any reason and get emotional quickly.

Q: It is natural for women to gain weight during pregnancy\?

Ans: Yes, during pregnancy, the body of a woman adapts according to the needs of the child, so that the child can be more safe and it can get full nutrients. In order to provide more nutrients to the children, the body also feels the need for more food, due to which it is natural for pregnant women to gain weight.

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