9 Ways To Improve Your Memory


9 Ways To Improve Your Memory

 Do you have a poor memory or forgot every moment from time to time? Poor memory loss is the to frustrated. When you don’t have time and you find something but you forgot that time is too much anger for yourself. If your family members survived with neurology disease get alert. Because the genetics plays the main role in memory loss conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. Many studies show that memory loss is due to poor lifestyles and diet. Many peoples have short term memory loss Don’t worry try these ways to help you too much and can be cute with time. Here are many ways that improve your memory naturally:

1. Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping is more important for your body and mind lack of sleep causes the memory loss. Sleeping is very important for your body it’s connecting and play role in memory that helped to short term memory transform into the long terms memory, In simple words, it increases your memory. Many researchers show that not to much sleep could be negatively affect on memory.

In research take two different groups one group slept only for 3-5 hours and one group slept 7-9 hours, In results, the groups who sleep 7-9 hours increased in memory by 20%. So that expert suggested to adults get enough sleep for 7-9 hours for better mental health.

2. Exercise Regularly

Including exercise in your daily routine is important for your mental and physical health. Exercise is beneficial for all the ages people from the children to older. It improves your mental health and memory. Exercise is improving and growth and development of the neurons. It improves your brain health. It increases the secretion of the neuroprotective protein.

Exercise regularly helps to decrease the risk of developing of dementia in the future. Many of study show that the exercise regularly including cycling, and jogging helps to increase the good performance of your in your memory including all the ages of people.

3. Limits Refined Carbs

Limits consuming refined Carbohydrates daily Because It decreases your mental health foods like cakes, cookies, rice, and white bread. These foods have a high in the glycemic index that digests these carbs fastly cause an insulin spike In the blood sugar level. The study shows that the consumption of refined and processed carbohydrates like fast foods reduces the analytics capacity of your brain at all ages. Another study shows the people who consumed ready to eat foods daily had an poor cognitive function.

4. Eat Less Sugar

Eat much sugary food is linked with various health issues including chronic diseases and cognitive decline. Many of researches show that eating to much sugar foods reduces the volume of the brain. Sugary foods cause the short terms memory stored in the brain or poor memory of your brain. Other studies show that the people who consume Sugary Beverages like soda daily had Lower brain volume compared to people who consume fewer sugary drinks and foods. Do that don’t consume or less consume Sugary help to improve your mental memory or overall health.

5. Try Meditation

Meditation is the one of the best keys for your mental health and many others. Meditation improves your mind and body and calms your mind. Meditation relaxes your body and also reduced the stress in your mind helping to lower blood pressure and improve memory. Meditation helps to improve your mental health and increase the grey matter that contains the neurons cells’ bodies.

In one study people were divided in two groups said one group to do meditation for days after the results the groups who meditation daily improve memory and caught power another group who did nothing.

6. Maintaining Your Vitamin D level

It is an important nutrient for your body that is good for your bone. A deficiency of vitamin D in your body reduced cognitive function and various health issues. Lowering the risk of vitamin D in your body greater the risk of developing dementia.

Check your vitamin D deficiency if your skin gets darkened in a cold climate. If you increase your vitamin D levels in your body you should take Vitamin D supplements daily. Many studies show that people who have a vitamin D deficiency of less than 20 (Ng) per (ml) increase the memory loss risk. If your vitamin D level increases by 20 (Ng) per (ml) increases your cognitive abilities faster than usual.

7. Quitting Alcohol

Quitting Alcohol is much better for your mental health because moderation of alcohol caused disrupts the balance, and affects thought, action, and feeling. This can be down your neurotransmitter that they can help in transmitting the signal to nerves or neurons. Drinking alcohol loss of confidence and increases the stress, anxiety and mental disorders.

Alcohol has a neurotoxic that affects your brain health and It reduces the brain memory irregularly. Drinking alcohol occasionally is not an issue this will not affect but consumption of alcohol daily reduced the brain function of your body.

8. Improves And Train Your Brain

Playing brain games is too much fun and interesting but It also boosts the memory function of your brain. Games like riddles, Crossword, jigsaw puzzle, Tetris, and word recall games you can download these games in your mobile this is interesting and also that strengthen your memory. Many studies show that the peoples including children play mind games daily for 7-8 hours improving in performance and increasing brain catching power. Also, it’s helping to strengthen your mind, performance, and memory and reduced the risk of dementia in the future.

9. Maintaining Your Body Weight

Maintaining your body weight is very important because maintaining weight reduces the risk of several diseases in your body and keeps your body fit and fine. Obesity in increases the risk of cognitive decline and Obesity a negative effect on your mind and changes memory associated genes.

One study shows that peoples who have obesity reduce the brain function other and people who engaged in exercise and get fit increase their memory function. Too much body weight increases the risk of developing the Alzheimer’s disease and many diseases that cognitive function and memory.

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