9 Best Tips To Reduce Pimple Fast


Best Tips To Reduce Pimple Fast

 Many of the peoples try to soothes the pimple in the face and these irritate you or so painful. The face looks so bad due to the many pimples in the face. But some pimples problems causes due to change in age and Season. Pimples occur natural but some time it’s gives your face a black spot that is so irritating or looks bad. The first thing you may mind is don’t press your pimples this made a dark spot in the pimples area. There are no ways to remove your pimples permanently this is a natural process but in this tips you can remove pimples for some time. So these tips for best results. In the blog all the tips are tested by the professional these is working tips.

There are 15 tips that help to reduces the pimples fast:-

 1. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration from the long period of time causes the body to start signal to oil creating glands to produce more oil than usual. This causes the development of more pimples from the face. Dehydration directly affect your skin area it makes your skin rough and dull and increases the inflammation effect. Drink at least 2 Ltrs of water daily if you make your face shiny and look beautiful drink 2 Ltrs daily to stay hydrated to your overall body.

2. Don’t Touch Your Face

Touching face again and again causes the developing more pimples to your skin because touching your face transfer bacteria from hand to face and it motivate to the formation of black head into the skin. Be in a mind to avoid touching your face you can stop yourself to touching. If you want to touch your face with any reason so wash your hand properly before touching your face area. This is the best safety precautions for your face avoid touching improves your face quality by the time.

3. Don’t Pop Your Pimples

Popping the Pimples & black head into your nose and the face. This is truth many of all of them try to pooped black head from the face do you know this causes the infection, scars, inflammation and clogged. Sometimes black heads and pimples causes due to playing and sweating and you touches your face area. Popped pimples causes the bleeding from the pimples and leaves scars from the face permanently. So don’t popped black heads or pimples into the face and wait for some days for cure itself.

4. Wash Your Face Properly

Washing your face daily with the best quality of face wash reduces the bacteria from the face also reduces the risk of developing more pimples and black heads to face. If you come home from the outside washing face help to reduce the extra oil from the face also removes dirt, washing help to prevent from the pimples but if you wash to much causes worse your pimples. Our skin produces natural oil but if you wash your fast to much oil produce. Suggestions to wash your face only of 2 times in a day for better results. Always use no paraben, sulfate and silicon’s chemical free face or foaming face wash that is best for your face.

Steps to wash your face in a better way:-

  • Apply some water to face take low amount of face wash.
  • Apply face wash into the face and spread allover the face and massage circular direction.
  • Rise your face with cold water and wipe your face with towel.
  • After apply some moisturizer and cream for reduce the dryness.

5. Use a Moisturizer

Moisturizer help to reduce the dry skin problems in face and this help to prevent from the pimples. The moisturizer contains some oil that helps to prevent from the dryness and skin problems. Also, moisturizer reduces the irritations that cause the acne. Before purchasing the moisturizer always read the labels contains and ingredients.

6. Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil contains a terinene-4-ol that is shown in many studies this help to kill virus, bacteria, and fungi from the skin and also increase in the WBC cells and promotes healing. Tea tree oil reduces the Pimples developing bacteria and removes pimples from the face. Use two drops of tea tree oil with the moisturizer and apply on your face daily you will see a result fast. Do some test before using tea tree oil. Apply in your palm area before use in face because of different types of skin it causes some irritation for sensitive skin if causes the irritations so try do one thing take some water with a quantity of 1:1 this not harm your face at all.

7. Avoid Some Foods

Some foods have a different heating property that causes the acne in the face try to avoid this type of food or limit the eating of foods. Some foods that avoid for acne are:-

  • Refined sugar
  • Dairy product
  • Processed foods
  • Hot in property in summer
  • Alcohol
  • Gluten

Cutting down the intake of these all the foods that help to reduce pimples from the face and try to take some nutrition diet and pimples clear diet try to change your diet changing diet may help to reduce the pimples fast.

8. Reduce Stress level

To much stress in your life causes the reduced skin quality and increases pimples developing bacteria. In study show that the Stress increases the production of oil.

There are so many options that really reduces the stress level:-

  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Enough sleep
  • Laugh more
  • Share your thoughts to friends.

Try these all the thing that help to reduce your stress level and improve good hormones and reduces the pimples from your face.

9. Check Your Type Of Skin

All the peoples have different types of skin quality and you need to check that which types of skin you have and which product use or not because of the products vary for different skin like dry, oily, both, and sensitive.

You determine yourself your skin type with this:-

  • Oily- oily skin looks shiny and smooth in all the day.
  • Dry- Dry Skin looks like flakiness and tightness of skin.
  • Both combine- This is the combination of both dry and oily skin change in seasons wise half face oil and half dry.
  • Sensitive- Many peoples have sensitive skin if they use some products risk to cause infections like rashes or irritation. Some products available in the market that they claim for sensitive skin types.

The peoples who have oily skin have more pimples in the face but if you know about your skin type to can take care of your skin easily But you have sensitive skin after using some products that cause the rashes from the skin you can also use some natural treatment that is much beneficial for your skin.

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