8 Home And Ayurvedic Remedies For Swollen Feet


8 Home And Ayurvedic Remedies For Swollen Feet

Swelling is a common issue due to some injury, sleeping and ankle bending while running and this gives to much bad pain and increases swelling and You didn’t walk and run after and it’s caused by the building of a fluid in the injured area called edema. The edema is responsible for swelling but it’s automatically resolved.

There are many causes of swelling:-

  • Trekking for a long way
  • Stand for a long time
  • Overweight
  • During pregnancy
  • Due to injury
  • Heart and liver issues
  • Sting bite etc.

There are some home and ayurvedic remedies that help to reduce swelling:-

1. Try To Lose Some Weight (Overweight)

This is the one of the real causes of feet swelling due to being overweight. Try to include this for losing weight:

  • Include exercise in your daily routine
  • Maintain your diet eat clean and healthy
  • Try walking help to lose your weight
  • Do cardio daily for your body
  • Don’t overeat and always eat limited

There are many issues due to being overweight because it reduces the blood circulation and causes the swelling. Overweight people while walking puts pressure on the legs it’s leading to weight gain. Losing some weight help to reduce swelling & pain in your feet and gives you some relaxation from pain.

2. Dip Your Foot In Warm Water (Epsom Salt)

Dipping your feet with the warm water fill bucket help to reduce the feet’ swelling and you can also put 1 spoon of salt in the water to the bucket. Many of doctor suggested putting some salt to the bucket help to reduce swelling fast and removes toxins.

Salt not helping to reduce pain but it really helps to reduce swelling. Dip your feet for 10-15 minutes 2 times daily for the best result. But putting your feet in warm water help to reduce pain and gives relaxation for some period of time.

3. Elevating Your Feet

This is a better way with the help of gravity reduces or stop the build up of fluid (edema) and this helps to reduce the swelling in your feet, so try this technique many of doctor suggest this help a lot. Elevating your legs with the help of a pillow or chair helps to reduce the swelling fast and stop building up fluid. Some exercises and yoga that help to Calm and reduce the swelling and don’t stand for long periods of you have to much swelling take a rest and do this method for 7-8 times for a day for the best result.\

4. Apply Castor Oil (leaves)

Castor oil is an ayurvedic oil that helps to reduce pain and swelling. Many of the people use this oil & leave for long periods of time and this is working. You can use castor oil or leaves but old people say that oil is the best option and gives best result, so try this way. Take 3-4 castor leaves and heat or burn 10-15 seconds on the stove and massage your leg before with mustard oil and put the leaves in that area and tie them up with the clothes that it and open it in the morning and wash your foot properly try this daily in night for best results.

5. Massage Your Feet

Massage helps to reduce pain and swelling also it helps to improve blood circulation from the feet and gives relaxation. Massage helps to move and reduce the fluid build up in the feet.

There are many benefits of massaging your feet are:

  • Massage your feet help to stimulate the muscles.
  • It helps to ease from the pain and reduce swelling.
  • It reduces the issues such as edema.
  • Improve blood flow from the feet.

6. Try Moving

Sitting in a single position or the same position for long periods of time also causes swelling. Many of doctor says that trying to Move help to reduce swelling. Moving helps to improve blood flow into the legs and reduce creating of fluid in the same place and helps to reduce swelling fast. Try to walk some steps in your house flexing your legs also reduces the stiffness of the legs and gives relaxed your legs and feel better.

Because in some cases sitting causes an increase in swelling so try to walk some steps. You can also include some exercise that is much helpful to improve blood flow and you don’t need to walk just sit and perform the exercise and this reduces the swelling fast.

7. Drink At Least 7-8 Ltrs Water Daily

Drinking at least 8ltrs of water daily is the best for your health because the dehydration causes holding the fluid in the same position and its causes an increase in swelling. Drinking at least 7-8 Ltrs of water daily help to reduce the risk of edema and improve the flowing of fluid. So increasing your water intake really helps to reduce swelling and reduce the issues such as edema.

8. Turmeric

Turmeric is an ayurvedic medicine for an ancient periods of time that help to reduce long term pain and swelling. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help to improve and heal any type of injury. Drink turmeric with the warm milk also you can apply turmeric+ aloe vera gel paste in the feet and cover up with the cotton and tie-up them with a bandage at night and open in the morning this is medicated by many physiotherapists.

Try this remedy for 3-4 days help to improve and relieve in pain and reduce Stiffness of muscles and long term pain. This is the best remedy that heals your body fast as possible.

Don’t Do This Mistake

  • Don’t wear to many tight shoes or heels during swelling because this increase more swelling.
  • Don’t move to much this increase the swelling and pain.
  • Don’t stand for long periods of time this also increased the swelling and pain.
  • Don’t do anything such as goes to gym, running, cycling because this all the things uses legs this increase the pain and swelling.

If all those remedies not work so consult your doctor. The doctor gives you some antibiotics and antibacterial medicine that help to reduce pain and swelling. Don’t neglect this issue causes many serious issues. But this is remedies gives much improvement.

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