7 Ways To Build Strong And Healthy Bones

7 Ways To Build Strong And Healthy Bones


7 Ways To Build Strong And Healthy Bones

Natural and healthy bones are very important for your body. During childhood our bone density was strong but at the age of 30 bone density gets weaker slowly day by day. It is very important to maintain the bone density and try to your bone get slow bone loss. Weak bone causes fractures during a small work while running so try to maintain your bone density.

If you are older day by day your bone density weakness increases Strong bone maintains your age. Here there are natural ways to keep your bone stronger & healthy:-

1. Consume Enough Protein

Enough protein plays an important role In your healthy bone In our body, 50% of born Are made of protein. Starting taking a protein diet helps to reach the calcium in your bones End increase the acidity in your bone. Many researchers show that the Intake low protein diet decreases your Calcium absorption  It affects the Rate of formation of bone.

Researchers show data that people who consume high protein diets, they got  Better bone density. Consuming a high protein diet daily in your life helps to get better bone density End help to preserve bone mass. Consuming 90gm of protein help to get better bone density.

2. Vitamin D 

Vitamins D are most important for your bone both vitamins help to build strong bones. Vitamin D plays many roles in your bones. This helps your bone to absorb calcium in children or adults deficient for Vitamin D have lower bone density and risk of bone loss and fracture.

The deficiency of Vitamin D is most common in this age because of poor food and not being able to get enough Vitamin D. There are many ways to maintain the Vitamin D deficiency like cheese, liver, fatty fish, and Vitamin D capsules.

3. Eat High Calcium Food

Calcium is most important for bone health it is the main mineral that’s the foundation of your bones. Both calcium and vitamin d help to maintain your bone strength and decrease the risk of osteoporosis. Low calcium in your body lowers the bone density and your bone became damaged and more easily.

Assume if you consume 500mg of calcium in your diet daily your body absorbs less calcium than if you consume a lower amount. In adults aged, 19 to 64 our body needs 700mg of calcium per day for better bone density. You can consume calcium through supplements and foods but the food is best for calcium.

4. Maintain A Healthy And Stable Weight

Maintaining a healthy and stable weight also helps to support bone health. Too Much Weight causes the effect and pressure on your bone density and decreases bone density it causing fractures in bone or bone damage.

Also, low body weight can contribute in reducing bone density and bone loss or being underweight causes osteoporosis and osteopenia. While during the weight loss our body’s bone density started to decrease or a bone loss or bone loss during the Weight loss process not be reversed during the weight gain.

This cycle of gaining or weight loss causes bone loss in your lifeline. Maintaining a healthy and stable weight is best for your bone and also decreased the risk of bone damage.

5. Eats Lots Of Vegetables In Your Meal

Vegetables are best of your bones because vegetables contain lots of vitamins and minerals that are healthy for your bones and health. Vegetables also increase increases your bone mineral density it is also known as bone density.

Vegetables are the best source of Vitamin C and it stimulates the production of bone formation cell. Some study shows that Vitamin C has an antioxidant effect that may protect the bone cell or from damage.

Consuming high vegetable green or yellow mineralizes your bone density and strengthens your bone density during childhood or an adult. Consuming vegetables in childhood help to increase bone density or create bone during childhood.

Some vegetables that help you to get better bone density:-

  • Cabbage
  • Parsley
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach

Consuming these vegetables daily in your half plate of meals helps to increase the better bone density because it contains the bone protective antioxidants that help to decrease bone loss.

6. Perform Strength Training And Weight Exercises 

Engaged strength training and weight exercise in your daily routine help to build and maintain your bone stronger. These types of exercise or a weight-bearing and High impact on your bone these exercise help to create or promote bone formation.

Many researchers show that children who increased their exercise daily increase the bone amount of the bone creation and increase the bone density. Exercise like weight lifting, jogging, playing, resistance training, cycling, gym, etc. these all the exercises help to build your bone stronger.

The strength training exercises not only the benefits for muscle mass building it also increases bone density and bone size also help against the bone loss in younger age or a older age.

7. Avoid Low Calories Diet

Low calorie diets are although not good for your health or your bone health. Many studies show that the people who consume low calories diets during the weight loss or a busy schedule of 1,000 calories per day can lead the bone loss and lower the bone density.

Follow 1,200 to 1,500 calories daily for better for your bone density foods that include Contain protein, minerals and vitamins rich foods in your diets that help to support your bone health.

Foods And Vegetables That Help Your Bone Strong:-

  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Milk, cheese and dairy products
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Fatty fish like salmons and sardines
  • Eggs yolks

How to maintain & keeps bones strong things you know?

  • Calcium rich foods.
  • Get enough vitamin d per week at 60000 IU.
  • Enough nutrients like Potassium and Vitamin K

And magnesium.

  • Stay active for your bones.
  • Don’t drink alcohol.
  • Don’t eat to much salt.

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