7 Healthy Habits To Increase Your Life Expectancy

Healthy Habits


7 Healthy Habits To Increase Your Life Expectancy

Healthy Habits: Peoples want to lives longer but many of the peoples think this is a genetic issue but no it’s depends on your what your eat or your daily progress. Do you know old age peoples lives longer then us because they eat whole natural and healthy food that is Healthy Habits, keep their body to work more. If you want to increase your life span your need to change your daily routine and focus on Healthy Habits this is very important you need to change your diet and include high quality of healthy food, reduced stress, keep active and include exercise daily in your routine. Stress and depression worst things that increase the many of diesease and reduces your life expectancy.

The minimum life span of a peoples is 60-70 years but some times it’s 80 many of people leaves their life’s due to some major disease or any other cases. Always take care of your weight it is very important because over weight causes many serious health disease and it’s decrease your life span.

Healthy Habits

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Some Healthy Habits that help to increase your life expectancy:-

Healthy Habits
Healthy Habits

1. Exercise Daily 

Include exercise in your daily routine help to maintain your overall bodyweight and reduce the body fat and keep away from the obesity also it reduce the risk of diabetes, sugar, joint pain. Exercise help to keep away from the big disease that affects your overall health. Exercise help to increase your metabolism that help to digestion and reduce the constipation problem & many problems that is related to stomach. Anyone can do exercise there is not age limits help to improve your strength, flexibility of the body and keep you fit for long periods of time.

 2. Eat Healthy is Healthy Habits

Many of the peoples eat anything any types of foods due to taste but they didn’t know junk foods contain trans fat, carbohydrates and bad cholesterol that increase the obesity and yourself invite harmful diseases like increase in high level of cholesterol, stroke, heart disease even death. Try to eat high quality of foods that contains good quality of product, fiber, fats, carbohydrates. Also eat healthy foods and fruits that help to maintain your healthy weight of the body. Eating healthy keep away from the disease that comes from the obesity so focus on your diets and cut junk foods or ready made foods.

3. Quit Smoking And Tobacco

Many of the peoples lose their life’s due to cancer because eating tobacco and smoking causes the cancer that is harmful diseases or breathing issues. Smoking reduce our overall body perform and reduce strength of the body. Cigarettes contains harmful chemicals such as tar, nicotine that absorb in our lungs and different parts of the body and started destroying.

Smoking and chewing tobacco causes lungs disease, cancer, COPD and heart disease so try to quit theses things if you consume or want to increase your life expectancy. Because many of peoples survived with this disease due to excessive amount of this, so leave these is the best solution of this.

4. Regular Checkup

This is very important part in your life regularly checking up our diagnosed your body help to find issues in your body and diagnosed any disease before it’s to late and this things help to treat your disease easily. Regularly check up every 5-6 weeks help to diagnose very small disease or issues in your body that you done best treatment of your issues. consult your family doctor and they check or diagnosed your body. Regular check up keeps your body fits and fine.

Some healthy habits regular checkups are:-

  • Dental health checkup.
  • BMI
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood pressure
  • Sugar level

5. Avoid Stress

Stress spoil your overall body and life because stress invites many of the harmful diseases in our body. Stress reduces the quality of sleep and increase brain problem. Try to do stress busting activities and exercise that help to reduce stress in our body and feel free of our mind and body. In directly words stress reduces the life expectancy because stress causes some disease such as heart disease, mental disease or strokes. Try different types of exercise, yoga, Zumba don’t think that things gives you stress that help to keep your mind fit and reduced stress.

6. Good Sleep

Good sleep is very important in our life because sleeping relaxed our overall body and reduces the stress, depression, anxiety. Also good sleep help to reduces harmful disease in our body. Many of doctors say that not to get proper sleep reduces the life expectancy and increase the many of harmful disease of the body due to less sleep.

Many study shows that peoples at the time of work load not gives much times to sleep and unbalanced the sleeping times reduces the life expectancy and you also troubles with the harmful diseases in everywhere. According to the study a  peoples need 7-8 hours sleep is very important for better and best lifestyle.

7. Avoid Overeating

Overeating is very harmful for our body because the overeating caused many of issues such as obesity, digestion issues of many of the disease due to excessive eating of foods. Most of the foods containing lost of carbohydrates and fats that is harmful for our body and this is main reasons of obesity and obesity invite many of the harmful diseases. In a study show that peoples who do overeating reducing the life expectancy than peoples who follow normal calories intake

Some Different Tips for Increasing Healthy Habits:-

  • Eat lots of green vegetables daily. Your plate half portion is filled with vegetables.
  • Talking to your friends and family and share your feelings with each other.
  • Eats nuts daily it’s contains many of the vitamin and mineral that fullfill your daily nutrients.
  • Reduce your overall body fat follow age BMI chart and maintained same weight.
  • Check up your body every 5 weeks help to diagnosed diseases this is Mazar Healthy Habits.
  • Include exercise & healthy habits like cycling, swimming, playing, yoga, jumbo in your daily routine help to maintain your healthy weight and keep away form the obesity. Also these all the things help to improve your sleeping quality.

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