5 Ways To Keeps Your Lungs Healthy


5 Ways To Keep Your Lungs Healthy

Most of the Want to be healthy & they protect their body and lungs to keep Healthy. Most of the peoples smoke daily it affects directly your lungs and it decreases your airways day by day. In our body lungs play the main role of our body in breathing. So that your lungs need to be required daily care. Without the oxygen, our body does not get sufficient oxygen so this causes issues like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and respiratory illness.

If your work out and do cardio daily your lungs get healthy by doing cardio your lungs work to their full capacity. You need to increase your lung capacity by swimming lung capacity means the air in your lungs and how much time you hold your breath it is the best exercise for your lungs. Our lungs need more health at the time your lungs also need maintenance because it is the main part of your body and play an important role of your life. If your lungs not working in a good manner you survive with this problem like a Decrease in strength and less flexibility.

Lungs need to be healthy and Cleans here are some ways to keep your lungs healthy:-

1. Stop Smoking

Smoking causes serious lungs issue like lung cancer. Only not a cancer but causes the various serious health issues like asthma and pulmonary fibrosis. At the time you smoke you inhale the many chemicals in your lungs including carbon monoxide, tar, and nicotine all the chemicals is damaging your lungs.

These all the chemicals are stuck in your lungs and it causes an increase in mucus which is much more difficult to clean our lungs. Toxins that are stuck in your lungs and may cause difficulty to the breathing issue.

2. Avoid Exposure to Pollution

Exposure of pollution in the air can also damage your lungs. When you are younger your body survived this toxin but if you are older or an adult your body doesn’t resist the toxins so keep away from it.

If you are older you need to more care of your lungs because of their contract with bacterial infection and disease that causes the lungs damages. Reduced the exposure of this if you keep your lungs healthy:-

  • Avoid heavy traffic because you can inhale the bad air.
  • Avoid going outside during the pollutants or air.
  • Avoid leaving near the factory or industrial area that releases harmful gases that directly affect your lungs.
  • If you are working in mining, construction area or industrial area use safety gear like a pollution mask and wear a suit.

The Increasing exposure of pollution day by day like air pollutants from industrial, coal mines, etc. There are some tips for decreasing the indoor pollution:-

  • Clean and vacuum the dust in your home twice in a week for clean air.
  • Build a proper ventilation house for good airflow.
  • Make your home a pollution free zone.
  • Avoid the burning of rubber wire, and candles, or harmful chemicals that affect your lungs.
  • Keep your home clean from dust and use an air cleaner.
  • Keep your home fitted with the proper ventilation fans and exhaust for good ventilation thought our sir.

3. Prevent Infection

The infection causes damage to your lungs infection like a cold and respiratory infection. These are some tips to that you can protect your lungs yourself:-

  • Avoid the eating and drinking cold things during cold & flu also avoid the crowds.
  • Wash your hand gently with soap and alcohol based sanitizers before and after eating foods.
  • Brushing you teeth daily twice a week before bedtime and after wake-up. Protect your oral with harmful germs and bacteria and go for regular dentist checkups for every 6 months.
  • Get fully vaccinated against Virus diseases for preventing the risk of decreasing immunity.
  • If you don’t feel better keep your distance from the people in school or work.
  • Eats lots of vegetables and fruits it contains vitamins & minerals that boost your Immunity and help you in for the fight for germs and bacteria.
  • Don’t avoid any infection in your body consult with your family doctor fast.

4. Do Breathing Exercise

The doctor suggested the breathing exercises for people who survived asthma and COPD. Doing breathing exercise daily help to improve your lung problems. Breathing exercises strengthen your lungs and diaphragm.

Benefits of doing breathing exercises:-

  • Clear out toxins in your lungs.
  • Help to improve your lung performance.
  • Clears the lung’s airways.
  • It strengthens your lungs and provides oxygen.

Breathing exercises for lungs:-

  • Diaphragmatic breathing exercise
  • Simple deep breath
  • Holding breath exercise
  • Laughing exercise

5. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise and intense activities are beneficial for your lungs people who suffer from lungs issue doctor suggested exercising regularly. Increasing the regular activities like running, walking and intense exercise increases your lung airways that beneficial for health. Doing moderate exercise for 20 to 50 minutes and adding in your daily routine help you in strengthening your lungs.

Exercise increases your heart rate and lungs work harder than normal and your body needs oxygen to the fuel for the muscles. Your lungs delivered the oxygen and exhale the carbon dioxide. Doing the acrobatics and strength training daily help to boost your lung’s health. Creating the strength of lungs that help o fight with harmful bacteria and germs. The normal lungs of our body can hold around 6 liters of air at a time. If your lungs are not healthy you do hold air in your lungs for 20 seconds.

Tips To Keep Your lungs healthy

  • If you smoke regularly avoid smoking and quitting smoking is best option for your healthy lungs.
  • Eat foods that contain fibers and antioxidants benefit for the lungs.
  • Exercise regularly for your lungs to work properly.
  • Improving your indoor room quality by cleaning your rooms regularly and washing your mats and beds.
  • Get a vaccination of cold and flu.

Things that should avoid for your healthy lungs:-

  • Processed meats
  • Too much alcohol
  • Sugar drinks
  • Too much salt
  • Oily junk foods contain to much old oil.
  • Smoking

Try these all the things that help you to keep your lungs healthy.

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