12 Tips To Get Rid Of Dry Skin In Winter


Tips To Get Rid Of Dry Skin In Winter

Winter season is the best and most toughest Season for your dry skin. Many people’s try to find the best ways for preventing to dry skin also dry skin is so irritating for your body this will causes the dry skin, dry white skin, and and itchiness. Season changes much affect to your skin also changes in every season winter season make your skin dry & flake. If the environment temperature is drop the humidity level which drop the moisture from the skin and this causes many issues such as cracking skin, flakiness, bleeding, and itchiness.

Some changes in your daily routine help in heal your skin faster and care of your skin in winter. Many of peoples survived from the dry skin in winter due to use of chemical products and poor lifestyles some other reason is a deficiency of vitamins & minerals and some medical issue then go for the best dermatology for treatment they will suggest the best medication.

There are the best scientifically proven tips that help get rid of dry skin in winter:-

1. Moisturize Immediately After Bathing

In the winter season, peoples use hot water to bathe after bathing some time our overall body’s skin is dry. Try moisturizing cream this helps your body to reduce dryness and makes skin oily and shiny. You also try natural oils such as coconut oil, sunflower oil, etc. If you traveling anywhere always carry moisturizing cream if you feel dry use moisturizer instantly.

 2. Keep Hydrating

Our skin takes more care than you need to drink more water. Staying hydrated is the best solution for your overall skin. Many people’s skip enough water intake in winter due to toilet issues but not enough water daily causes damage to your skin cracking your skin एरिया। Stay hydrating is very important it transfer vitamins & mineral in allover body and improves skin quality of body. In direct word not taking enough liquid affect your skin directly. Drink atleast 2 liter of water daily.

3. Use High Quality Skin Care Products

Some products contain harmful chemicals because they want to make their product best but it affects your skin. Our skin is much sensitive. These products make your skin Dull Best quality skin care products improve your skin quality and helping from cracking and skin dryness. Some products are: skin creams, moisturizer, deodorant, petroleum jelly etc.

4. Apply Sunscreen

Peoples sits in sunlight on the winter season but do you know even in winter the harmful UV rays affect your skin. Give stress to your skin & maintaining hydration. Apply at least SPF 35 before going outside or sitting in sunlight. It saves your body to harmful UV rays. Also, you can be use Sunscreen after using moisturizer adding a layer. It’s directly help to preventing from the sunburn also reduces the premature ageing.

5. Do Overnight Treatment To Skin

Overnight treatments is best for your body it’s heal your skin fast than usual. Most of the peoples have cracking heel issue in winter season try petroleum jelly or crack heal cream apply in night and wear socks but this is your choice. Try this for a week all crack filled. Also applied moisturizer, cream and oil in your hands and body reduces the dry skin this overnight treatment is best for your body.

6. Limit Your Shower Time

Shower with hot water in the winter season is always reduced stress in your body and feel good and gives you relax but do you know showering for 30 minutes increases the dry skin problems. Limit your bathing time for 5-10 minutes. The heat of the hot water dried oil from the skin. Bathing with hot water not bad it is good for your body reduces pain but limit your bathing time help to reduce the dry skin problems. Try to bathe with warm water for reducing skin related issues.

7. Use Gloves & Socks

In the winter season, our hands and legs are most affected to dry skin wear the best quality of cotton gloves gives feel your legs warm and saves you from the many chemicals and infections. Dried hand much hurt and started cut skin and started bleeding in hands. Wearing gloves protect from these all the issues. Also wearing socks protect your heel from cracking also reduces the heel cracking and protect from the dust caught your feet. Wear socks daily for reduce heal cracking. 

8. Use a Humidifier In Winter Season

The main word of the humidifier is add moisture into the air. In the cool dry air outside humidifier help to its creates moisture in your room and reduce the dryness of the skin. There are some benefits of uses a humidifier in the winter season:-

  • It prevents from the dry skin in the winter season because of our 60% have water.
  • It feels your body warm in night that help in better sleep.
  • It reduces the virus & bacteria in air.
  • It help to taking steam stream during cold.

9. Use lip balm

Our lips is also important in the winter season our lips started dry. One reason is due to not drink Sufficient water or due to the winter season using lip balm day help to improve your lips and fill the crack and gives soft lips. Also, you can use petroleum jelly there mare many types of lip balm but this not affect & infection. Due to dryness of lips causes the crack in the lips and start blooding in your lips.

10. Modify Your Skin Care & Products For Season To Season

Some people use summer products in the winter season but this gives problems to your skin because winter skin care product contains some ingredients that reduces the dry skin but this is different in summer skin care products not need this types of ingredients due to much hot climate. So the best suggestion is modify your skin care products in every season.

11. Limit Using If Soap

Many of peoples seen that using soap in winter dying out the oil from the skin also damaging over exfoliation. Using soap in this season’s peoples experiences flakiness and dryness of skin. This reduces moisture oil out of the skin and this causes stared itchiness and dryness of skin. But in the market many of companies claim that using their soap doesn’t gives skin dryness and flakiness because it contains some oil that reduces the dryness of skin by 50-70 %.

12. Eat Right

Many different study show that eating rich nutrients foods reduces the dryness of skin because eating best quality of foods contains vitamin & minerals that is enough for improving the skin quality of skin. Hydrated also is most important for your skin eating right and Hydrated both work on skin in same time water transfer this vitamins and minerals from the all-over parts of the body.

Some Points That Preventing Dry Skin

  • Don’t uses of chemical products that damaged your skin always read the labels before users of products always use the good and popular product.
  • Avoid the taking of hot water for long periods of time it makes your skin dry and also damages your skin.
  • Applying moisturizer & cream after bathing reduced the dryness & flakiness of your skin and makes your skin softer for long periods of time.
  • Use petroleum jelly for thick cracked areas also doctors suggest to do overnight treatments for the best results because in day time some petroleum jelly wipe and not gives the best result that we assume.
  • Uses/ applying naturals occurred oil in your skin like minerals oil, coconut oils, seeds oils, almonds oil. Uses of these oils prevent the water loss from the body.
  • Investing in a humidifier is the best option place humidifier at the room to reduce the dryness to the skin.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes this is the another reason to the dryness of the skin try to wear soft clothes that help to protect from the winter and reduces the risk of dryness.
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